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Saturday 17th June 2017

Arcadia roots are a Worcestershire based band creating a sound that defies genre by combining many different styles including world, dance, reggae, blues and roots music.

The inspiration for the melodies and rhythms can be traced back too many late nights soaking up new music in the clubs and venues of the West Midlands through to the beaches and bars of west Africa.

The bands vibe has been described as 'earthy', 'psychedelic' and 'infectious'. This 5-piece dance band combine world, reggae and rock music to create a very unique & captivating sound.

The band draws on inspiration from their homeland, the picturesque Worcestershire countryside, along with individual travels across the globe to Asia, Africa and America. This has helped them create a fresh sound, culminating from so many influences and it’shard to pin them to a single genre.

The lyrical content of the music reflects the band's extensive travels. Themes cover some current political and environmental concerns  (fracking, trophy hunting, and religious indoctrination) to time-honoured topics such as love, lust and the search for meaning. These words are placed in between swirling delay and reverbed guitar melodies grounded with a pounding rhythmic backbone.

Live performances often include guests such as tribal dancers and percussionists joining the stage along with a hypnotic light show for complete immersion.

This 4/5 piece band write a majority of their own music and their live performances can only be described as “Infectious” due to their ability to get the audience on their feet and moving to their roots rhythms.

The core of the band is often joined by eclectic and talented musicians and performers, including African drum troupes, saxophonists, and singers.

Arcadia Roots